a tea house in a glasshouse
open daily 8:30-8:00 Sundays 8:30-4

Logo rendering by Cyrus Mccray 

Logo rendering by Cyrus Mccray 


 Opuntia tea house and garden is a space designed around the concept of a glass house. For hundreds of years humans have been discovering ways to bring plants closer and It has become a science and an art form finding new ways to experience them.  Plants have been nurturing us for thousands of years as our ancestors, through trial and tribulations, passed down the knowledge of what was safe and in more recent times- what is sought after. This knowledge that has become our culture of food and what we share as drink is all based in plants.

We are celebrating both the simplicity and the complexity of tea, food and beauty at Opuntia. We are learning about tradition while making our menu options simple and easy to explore.   We invite you to be immersed in a creative garden with carefully curated, alive pieces that could be easily taken home with you! Come and have a cup of tea with us that has been carefully chosen for its unique qualities and flavor.  Pair your perfect cup with any of our excellent menu options created by chef Kim Muller exclusively for Opuntia.     

Humans and plants are part of a coexistence that, to us,  is important to showcase and explore.

Opening Summer of 2017