dream, design, rethink, redesign - repeat!


   The Trailhead project and Opuntia



  In 2007 my son was two and  I opened a salon with a friend at the Lena lofts in Santa fe.  In an 800 square foot space we created an amazing studio that was consistently filled with kind and talented people. We adorned friends, raised our babies there, played great music and laughed a lot!  Its brilliant to be able to meld your life seamlessly with loved ones and with the work that you love to do.  

  Around that same time and not knowing who they were yet,  Solange Serquis- a landscape architect  and Andres Paglayan - a computer programmer - decided that their thriving businesses could share a space attached to their home which in turn could help support their family of five all being closer together.  That idea thrived, Solange and Andres designed a beautiful work space for themselves , where they were able to have their loved-ones close by. 

 I went back to school in 2010 and studied landscape design, my good luck- I met Solange.  She and I have had many conversations over the years about landscape and design, about how spaces work for communities and families and how we can design our lives to honor who we are.  Fueled by those ideas I began Pith three years ago to focus on a design studio that could collaborate with other artists and focus on living art.  I am happiest when I can create life and share beauty with others.   

   Soon after Pith was born, I walked into a new cafe across from my studio called Iconik and I introduced myself to the designer and then owner, Todd Spitzer, letting him know that I was his neighbor and not particularly fond of coffee!  He was playing The Clash on a vintage turntable and his space made me feel totally at home, he poured me the best cappuccino I had ever had and he has been challenging my opinions about things ever since.  Todd and I share our lives, sort through the spectrum of our ideas and create dreams together. 

 I am explaining all of these connections so that I may share with you that our dreams are coming to fruition!  

 Last year, Solange and Andres shared with Todd and I that they were working with a very talented architect, Thomas Easterson-Bond  and creating a building that would hold their businesses and support like-minded thinkers. They wanted to create a hive of authentic designers and community builders that could compliment each other and support a larger, conscious family of entrepreneurs, they named it the Trailhead.  

 Ignited by this new project, Todd and I soon dreamed up Opuntia Cafe.  Combining our talents we would create a space that fit perfectly with the idea of a glass facade on their new building.  On April 1st I closed the salon and studio , Todd has moved on from Iconik Coffee Roasters (Although the cafe will proudly serve Iconik coffee) and we now are fully invested in this new inspiring project. 

Coming summer of 2017.. (drumroll please ) 

Trailhead, the design center of a landscape architect and computer programmer, community space in a surrounding garden, two bed and breakfast units and a glassed in Opuntia cafe. The cafe specializes in paired tea with its own regional foods and is a gallery for my micro landscapes and plant art, along with collaborations of Santa fe makers.  

 We invite you to join us to experience this new endeavor and become a part of our creative family. More details to come.


- Jeanna Gienke 


Jeanna Gienke