Layering houseplants with annuals


 Late spring is a good time to begin bringing your plants outdoors, once the nighttime temperatures reach about 50 degrees . Houseplants enjoy the extra bounced light and circulation that they don't seem to receive in our often dimly-lit, adobe houses. 

Its an important time to transplant our houseplants into a larger pot and make room for new growth of their roots (see our April blog online at and while your at it, did you think about adding annuals for a little more color during their thriving season outdoors ?   If you ponder it, most of our traditional houseplants can be found in nature growing along side of other plants. Root systems layer just as the canopy above layers - why do we always place only one plant in our houseplant pots? 


  Our outdoor hanging pot arrangements for the spring will have one very healthy houseplant that you can be proud to bring inside next fall but we have added lots of color with shallow-rooted annuals which you can easily clip back once the summer is over and the annuals die back. We have chosen plants with the same water and light requirements so they are easily maintained and each arrangement comes with Opuntias signature care sheets so no guess work will need to be done about their care.

Jeanna Gienke