Repotting your houseplants

Mara Lafferty will bt teaching a houseplant repotting class at Opuntia Cafe April 7th at 1:00

Mara Lafferty will bt teaching a houseplant repotting class at Opuntia Cafe April 7th at 1:00

 Our houseplants do so much for us, they pull out toxins in the air we breath, they remind us of beautiful places we have visited or lived and they inspire us with their shape and blooms. It only seems fair to return a favor to our little green friends and do the once a year maintenance they really need to keep growing healthy.   These  longer days of spring help fuel plants to  grow and spread their roots, its important to check your plants to make sure their roots have room for this growing season.   

 In my years of working with plants and plant owners, we have really noticed the hesitation; people afraid to prune and repot their plants. If you can imagine what flora would be subjected to in the wild - hungry deer and mice, herds of animals trampling them, tropical storms.. Plants endure and even grow stronger within these obstacles. Thats not to say we need to subject them to stress but we should not be afraid to handle them (except maybe cactus).  

 If your curious about the condition of your plants root system simply tip their pot on its side and slowly slide the root ball out, its ideal to wait two days after you have watered to do this to ensure that the soil is somewhat damp. Inspect the roots carefully if you notice any spiraling or roots reaching out of the bottom of your vessel,  its time for a bigger pot!   

 Don’t know where to start?  Afraid to do something wrong? Let us help you with an informative  repotting workshop on Saturday April 7th. We will be hosting an hour long class with Opuntia’s own plant doctor Mara Lafferty, at 1:00 in our conference room upstairs. 

 Mara was born and raised in Santa Fe and has 9 years managing and teaching in tropical greenhouses. She loves to talk about soil composition and bound roots, bring her your plant struggles and she will help you work them out! 

 We will have all that is needed to repot your 4 or 6’’ sized plant including soil and a new 6 or 8’’ basic terra cotta pot-  Or bring your own pot if you'd like!  The cost will be $20 a person and we have 10 seats available so sign up now at Opuntias’ retail station or email us at to hold your spot today.

Sign up for the class here!

Jeanna Gienke