May 12, 7-10 pm with Chef Kim Muller

~6:45 - 7:15 appetizers at the bar~
merguez meatballs with harissa sauce
roasted zucchini skewers with romesco
manchego/drunken goat/cabrales with marcrona almonds
membrillo, fig-almond cake

~7:30 - Table seating and 3 courses~
1st: arugula salad, shaved reggiano, evo, lemon
2nd: creamy tamaya polenta- spring vegetable saute, reggiano
3rd: slow-roasted talus wind ranch pork shoulder, salsa verde, taggiasca olives, cavalo nero with pancetta, garlic & reggiano. 
quinoa, roasted portabello, cavalo nero, oyster mushrooms, roasted garlic, salsa verde, taggiasca olive, toasted breadcrumbs

~9:00 Dessert~
La Lecheria’s lemon basil ice cream
orange-almond biscotti, tea/espresso